Custom Made Journals

Custom made journal

One of the benefits of being the manufacturer of all of our beautiful products is that we are frequently asked to make items such as custom made journals. Many of our customers have differing requirements such as size or colour whilst others need their notebooks or journal to do something different. It could be the inclusion of pockets or the fitting of a ring binder mechanism. Most often customers want a different style.

Customer's Specification

We work with our customers to find out exactly what they require from their custom made journal from the material to style. From this we can get a full picture of how this bespoke item will look and, most importantly, feel.


It is essential that we understand exactly what our customers want so that we can quickly make a dummy or sample (to see if the item will work!). With our great level skill we know what to look for and can advise our customers as to what is the best solution.


We have a large range of exciting binding materials available to us ranging from papers, boards and cloths to leathers. It is extremely rewarding to work with so many wonderful materials, trying different effects and finishes. So from cutting and dyeing we can see any project through to a perfect result.

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Nov 11, 2018

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