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We Print Our Own Paper

We take pride not only in the quality of our finest British-made paper but also in printing it inhouse. This gives us complete control over the customisation options. As a standard we print ruled, squares, dot grid and various diary layouts, but we can always create bespoke layouts, tailored to your specifications. Contact Us to discuss your page layout.



Printing Bespoke Endpapers

Endpapers are the front and back pages of a notebook that are glued to the inside cover to add durability and strength to the binding. They are typically slightly heavier and have a different colour from the rest of the pages in the notebook which makes them ideal for printing and showcasing your branding. As standard we offer light grey coloured endpaper but we can print bespoke endpapers ranging from your custom designs or logo to matching specific colours or patterns to suit your unique style. We can also offer printing to the rear endpapers. 



Printed Paper Over Board Covers

We can also print your bespoke design on paper to be used over board covers. The printed paper cover is laminated with a very thin layer of protective plastic film (silk or gloss), resulting in a durable and visually appealing notebook. It gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase brand colors and intricate details with a reasonable cost. Explore the full range of cover options available.


Fabric Printing

We collaborate with fabric printers to offer the service of printing your designs onto fabric for use as covering material for books. We provide templates to ensure the design is perfectly positioned and we guide you on fabric options like weight and colour to create a flawless book cover. Contact us to see how your design can come to life. 

Our Printing Technology

Our advanced printing options include Digital Printing, a versatile and cost- effective process that offers fast turnaround times and superb color accuracy, perfect for custom designs and personalisation. Offset Litho Printing is used for larger print runs, providing sharp and detailed images with exceptional consistency. Additionally, we offer the traditional charm of Letterpress Printing, known for its deep impressions and tactile appeal, ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your bespoke notebooks.



Embossing is a sophisticated process used to add texture and dimension to the surface of covering materials and is absolutely perfect for personalisation and bespoke branding. We can create custom dies, which are engraved plates used to press the design onto the covering material, allowing you to add your logo, name, or any unique design to make your notebook truly one-of-a-kind. We offer Hot foil embossing and Blind embossing. Hot foil embossing involves using heat to transfer metallic or coloured foils onto the material, creating a stunning and eye-catching effect. The colour range includes but are not limited to gold, silver and bronze. Blind embossing, on the other hand, adds an elegant, subtle, and tactile element by raising the design without any added color. Explore more about embossing and personalisation options.




Thread Sewing

 All our notebooks are thread sewn by our 1948 Smyth book sewer, which allows the book to open fully whilst remaining very strong, unlike glue bound notebooks, which often become weak when opened several times. A group of sheets folded in the middle, called sections, are sewn together. We also hand-sew many of our larger albums and notebooks to ensure the same level of strength and quality. For our leather journals and accessories, we use industrial sewing machines to sew components together whilst offering a choice of matching or contrasting thread for a seamless and stylish finish. 





Cover Making

We make all our covers by hand which gives us the flexibility to make them in any shape, size or colour for that truly bespoke and personalised touch. Once the stitched sections are carefully assembled, they are then "cast in" into the handmade covers to complete your unique notebook. Explore the full range of cover options available.





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