Our Fountain Pen Friendly Paper

We pride ourselves on the quality of our British made, fountain pen friendly paper used in our hand bound Notebooks, Journals and Diaries.

It is specifically chosen for its excellent quality when using a fountain pen with little dragging and ink bleeding. It's is a smooth, reasonably opaque sheet allowing very little show-through. It will take a wide variety of ink pens as well as pencil.

We LOVE it!



This off-white sheet is milled by James Cropper in Kendal, Cumbria, UK from sustainable sources. We are also signed up to the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Programme. Currently we have contributed to over 200 square metres of woodland planting each year.


Environmental issues are becoming more and more important, and we feel we need to play our part in mitigating CO2 emissions.


Our Paper Making Process

Our paper-making process is quite interesting! It starts by mixing responsibly sourced wood pulp and reclaimed fibers with water in a huge blender chest, creating a wet mixture of water and fiber. This mixture goes on a conveyor mesh to drain away excess water through gravity and vacuum, forming the paper sheet. The sheet then undergoes pressing, further drying at high temperatures and smoothing through polished rollers. After the final quality check, the sheet of paper is rolled, cut, and wrapped to be used for your notebooks. Read full story about our recent visit to the paper mill and detailed process.




Page Styles

We currently offer our paper in the following page styles:
Dot grid
Various diary layouts


We can also offer bespoke page layouts, tailored completely to your requirements. Please Contact us to find out more about our services.


Sketch Paper

The Sketch Paper that we use comes from the same Cumbrian mill, selected by us for its excellent qualities in both sketching and watercolour work. It is an 140gsm white sheet with a 'toothy' surface. It is specially milled to give an outstanding performance for artists. 




 As a standard, our endpapers are slightly heavier(160gsm) than rest of the pages and are light grey in colour as this compliment most of the text pages and cover material colours that we offer. These front and back pages of a notebook are a perfect for location to showcase your brand by adding bespoke design, logo and name. As we print them inhouse, the personalisation and branding options on endpapers are almost endless. 





We are more than happy to send samples of our papers - Please contact us and we will arrange this for you.


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