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elements of nature recyclable notebook

The ‘Elements of Nature’ range has been created using only the finest, natural materials – all of which are completely recyclable. Using traditional bookbinding methods, the notebooks are handbound using 100% recycled, British-made paper, and finished with a luxurious, cotton and linen woven cover. The beautiful A5 notebooks are available in four different colourways representing water, fire, earth and air – the four essential elements of life according to Ancient Greek principles.

‘We’re always listening to our customers and it became clear that there was a real need for a more environmentally-friendly notebook,’ says The Stamford Notebook Company’s Managing Director, Hugo Spiegl. ‘All our notebooks are handbound using predominantly natural materials, but with the ‘Elements of Nature’ range we’ve gone that extra mile to produce a truly ecologically sound product. We believe it’s the first fully recyclable luxury notebook on the market and we’re delighted to be breaking new ground.’

With the backlash against plastic growing stronger by the day, our newest product couldn’t be more timely. Recognising the need for both a luxury notebook and a greener approach, the ‘Elements of Nature’ range ticks all the boxes. ‘Our customers don’t want to compromise,’ explains Hugo Spiegl. ‘They want to be good to the planet but they don’t want to skimp on quality or steer away from the luxury feel and finish they expect from us. This notebook really does give our customers the best of both worlds and we’re confident that our ‘Elements of Nature’ range will be very popular.’

Wherever possible, materials are sourced from British-based suppliers, and in the case of the new ‘Elements of Nature’ range  the vast majority of the components are from recycled sources.

The Stamford Notebook Company’s ‘Elements of Nature’ notebooks are:

  • Fully recyclable
  • Handmade in Britain
  • Made from entirely natural materials
  • Made from 100% recycled British-made paper and boards
  • Free from plastic, elastic or any other non-recyclable materials
  • A5 size with 240 pages of 100% recycled paper, a 100% cotton twill page marker and a woven cloth cover made from 100% cotton (or a linen and cotton mix in the case of the ‘Earth’ colour)
  • Available in a choice of four contemporary colours
  • Fully personalisable with the option of embossed lettering on the cover

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Jun 12, 2019

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