Product Development at The Stamford Notebook Co.

 Product Development at The Stamford Notebook Company

Here at the Stamford Notebook Company we develop and produce all of our products. We are committed to expanding current ranges and introducing new ones. This means that we often have to start from scratch or least with pencil and paper!

It is important for us that all our products can be made entirely by ourselves at our bindery in Stamford. This includes sourcing the materials, processing, finishing and the eventual promotion of the products.

It is a very exciting process to be involved in. We start with a list of ideas (including all of the crazy ones as well!) and talk them through looking for products that fit within or alongside our current ranges. We then look at sizes, materials and colours, processes and skills needed. Once all of this is gathered together we will make prototypes and samples. From these we will have a ‘show and tell’ where we will comment on the physical item, looking at improvements. We will discuss with all involved especially whoever actually made the sample - this is vital feedback. If their comments are that certain processes or materials would make the production difficult we must find solutions or improvements.

Once we’re satisfied we will produce the range and take the product shots along with what we call the lifestyle shots.

We frequently also make prototypes of products that are completely new to us. These are particularly exciting as we are challenging new skills, processes or materials. Sometimes we cannot achieve exactly what we want and will abandon the project but frequently it will lead us into some interesting areas of technique which we can use elsewhere.

Apr 02, 2019

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