We Are In This Together! Supporting Local Businesses At This Challenging Time



With so much uncertainty at the moment, its hard to know what to do for the best. Our day-to-day lives have changed dramatically whilst on lockdown, and it has affected everyone.

Whilst Hugo is hard at work flying solo in the workshop, keeping our business going and producing orders for our fantastic, supportive customers, we have seen how quickly the situation can change. Several local businesses that were resolute in staying open have now made the painful decision to temporarily close. 

And so, we thought we would put a bit of a guide together on how best to support your local businesses, if you can, during these turbulent times.

Firstly, shop online! Many small businesses have unique products that big supermarket chains won't. Handmade toiletries, games, food and drink, things to keep you entertained! Look for websites in your local area, they will need the money more. If your favourite local store doesn't have a website, try social media channels to get in touch or email/phone. If you don't need anything right now, buy vouchers to redeem in future!

Like and share social media posts. Social media is our voice to let people know that we are still out there and still trading! Help spread the word. You could also leave a nice shiny review? Recommend a local business or service to your neighbour, friends or online communities.

Use your local butcher, baker, notebook maker! Give the supermarket a miss and try and shop local where possible. Many local butchers, farm shops, bakeries etc are fully stocked and working round the clock to keep up with demand. Many businesses are also adapting and offering delivery services, or pick up options, whilst maintaining social distancing protocol. The money goes back into the local economy and supports local traders. That in turn helps to retain and even create jobs locally, and will offer a much better customer service experience. It also keeps traditional services and skills alive.

Above all, behind every local business, is someone or a group of people who have invested their time, love and energy into your community. They care about where you live and want to keep it a thriving place for the future. 

Please do want you can and keep local business going. We are in this together.

Thank you




Apr 07, 2020

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