Bespoke Menu Covers and Folders

Bespoke Menu Covers made by The Stamford Notebook Company

Our customers often ask us to make bespoke menu covers and folders. As we are specialists in working with both leather and cloth we can offer a very wide range of materials and produce small quantities. As with many of the books that we make we start from scratch - understanding the full requirements of our customer.

Sizes & Shapes

Being bespoke there isn't really a limit to size or shape (within reason!). Most commonly menu covers accommodate an A4 or A5 sheet.

Samples & Prototypes

We promptly send samples of cloths and leathers and make prototypes to ensure that the menu cover will feel and look good along with performing its intended function!

Embossing and Branding

As with Branded Notebooks we can add restaurant logos to the covers and even make them in matching colours!

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Apr 23, 2019

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