Ten Points to Consider When Choosing Your Branded Notebooks

  1. Size. The first decision to make is the required notebook size.  We offer four sizes in our standard range - Octavo Pocket, Quarto Medium, Crown Quarto and Folio Large, but as all our notebooks are hand made from scratch, we can also make bespoke sizes as required. 
  2. Quantity. It’s really important to let us know how many books you will require!  The quantity can have an impact on pricing and lead time, so this piece of information is really important! 
  3. Cover material/colour. We have various options for cover materials (both leather and non-leather) and can also offer a printed and laminated cover.  Not all materials are available in all colours though, so we need to know your colour scheme to help with choosing an appropriate cover material.  We can offer hardback or flexi-covers. 
  4. Page style & page count. As standard we offer plain, ruled, grid square, dot grid or diary pages – however, as we print all of our paper in-house, we can offer bespoke print throughout if required, which leads on to point number 5… 
  5. Bespoke Pages. If any bespoke printed pages are required inside, we will need to know how many pages are to be printed and whether these will be in colour or mono black/grey print.  Sight of any artwork that you may have would be good.  If you don’t have any artwork and need us to prepare this for you, we can provide this service too!  
  6. Cover artwork. Is there a logo, title (or both) to go on the front or rear cover?  If you have a logo, we will need to see it so that we can assess its suitability for foiling or de-bossing and estimate the footprint area.  If you have more complicated artwork for the cover, it may be that a printed and laminated cover is required.  Again, its always best that we see the artwork so we can assess and price accurately! 
  7. Round or square corners. Its your choice, we can do either!  However, one point to bear in mind is that if you’re having a flexi cover the corners will always need to be square. 
  8. Ribbon & elastic colour choiceWe have a wide selection of colours available for the ribbon page marker and elastic closure band. 
  9. Packaging (plus any branding requirements). We generally supply our notebooks in a white card slipcase and tray.  These can be branded for you if required.  We can also supply luxury rigid tray and lid boxes, handmade by ourselves. These can also be branded with your logo. 
  10. Deadlines. Date that the notebooks are required/lead time – once we know the full specification of the books and the exact quantity required, we can give you an accurate lead time for production.   

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Apr 16, 2019

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