Custom Made Notebooks Using Customers Own Fabric

Custom Made Notebooks from The Stamford Notebook Co.

From time to time we are asked to produce bespoke notebooks using the customers own fabric. Always happy to help!

We firstly like to carry out some tests on any supplied fabric and make some samples to see how the cloth performs. Traditional bookbinding cloths and papers do not stretch and are usually lined to help with any gluing processes. Cloths which were destined for clothing, upholstery or soft furnishings can be quite stretchy which can be very challenging - especially if the cloth has lines - tartan or pinstripe! The bookbinder has to ensure that the lines are square and that any stretch doesn't distort the pattern. We often use an interfacing which helps with reducing stretch.

Bookbinding by hand is the only way to produce a small number of bespoke notebooks from a supplied cloth - you just can't beat a pair of skilled hands!

The end result is always stunning - to see unique designs and fabrics turned into books is one of the factors that makes hand bookbinding very satisfying!

Contact us for more information on bespoke notebooks using your fabrics.

Photo by kind permission of Madder Cutch & Co

Madder Cutch & Co hand screen print linen for home furnishings.
Based in Stamford Lincolnshire the whole production process is kept in house to maintain high standards and to consider the environment. 


Apr 10, 2019

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