Bringing A Tide Of Change With A New Chapter In Sustainable Stationery

Introducing The Tide of Change Notebook

Taking sustainable to the next level! The first book cloth to be created from recycled ocean plastic. With sound eco credentials and luxurious details, this is a new chapter for notebooks...

TOILE OCEAN is the first book cloth, that contains yarns derived from ocean bound plastic. It is woven from 100% recycled plastic waste and coated with water-based acrylic. The cloth is characterised by its high durability.

Every year, over 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean. The company #tide specialises in the recycling of ocean bound plastic. The company collects and sorts plastic waste in Southeast Asia, where it is a high pollution. The plastic waste is collected there by local employees, with fair conditions and transported to Switzerland in a CO2-neutral way. The collected plastic waste is compressed into granules using a mechanical award-winning process and finally spun into yarn, which is the main component of TOILE OCEAN material.

The notebook cover is made from 55% ocean recycled plastic, 45% post consumer waste and PET (74% of which is made from recycled PET yarn)
100% recycled cover boards
100% recycled, British milled paper
100% recycled British milled endpapers
British made recycled grosgrain ribbon trim, which is also made using recycled plastic bottles!

Each notebook is completed with beautiful, British made 100% recycled paper that has been carefully selected to provide a great quality sheet that offers good all round performance.

The Tide of Change logo is embossed on the back cover creating that extra bit of luxurious detail, whilst the brown paper and cotton twine packaging complete the book in a truly eco friendly way.

Available in 4 natural colours in A5 format, the Tide of Change notebook is online now!


Aug 10, 2022

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