Companions to your Whisky Expeditions: Personalised Whisky Tasting Notebooks

Whisky is not just a drink, rather, it calls for an exciting journey of different flavours to be explored. At The Whisky Nest, an online whisky shop, they believe in this mantra and offer an unbiased exploration of the "New World of Whisky". To enrich this experience, they have introduced our bespoke whisky tasting notebooks, allowing their customers to savour and document every step of their flavour-filled odyssey.


Featuring The Whisky Nest’s name and logo on the cover, each bespoke notebook is handbound with care at our bindery. Our finest quality British-made paper on the inside not only displays the customised text they requested but also a tasting wheel acting as a comprehensive flavour exploration tool, enriching their whisky journey.



These personalised notebooks would be incorporated in their new "Welcome Packs," alongside their finest whiskies, for anybody who joins the whisky subscription they offer. With these notebooks in hand, their customers would be able to better track their whisky journey. They can record their thoughts and impressions of each whisky encountered while also enhancing their ability to understand and interpret the intricate flavours found in every whisky they receive.

These personalised notebooks are more than just writing tools; they become treasured companions on the whisky exploration journey. Each sip taken, each note written and each whisky tasted are captured within these pages, creating a beautiful and lasting memory of the whisky lover's adventures.

So, whether you're an experienced connoisseur or a curious novice, these bespoke whisky tasting notebooks are your perfect companions on your whisky exploration journey. Raise your glass, scribe your thoughts and embark on an unforgettable adventure with our personalised whisky tasting notebooks.


Contact Us to discuss the bespoke layout of your branded tasting notebooks.

Cheers to a whisky experience like no other!

The Whisky Nest is all about fun whisky discovery; showing the depth and diversity of the new world of whisky and those making it, and sharing it with the more diverse groups who are now discovering this marvellous malt. Their online shop is the home of New World whisky, featuring whiskies from Britain, Europe, and the rest of the world. Check out more about them here.
Nov 21, 2023

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