Heidelberg Platen GT- The Heartbeat of our Bindery

At The Stamford Notebook Co., we take great pride in not only the meticulous processes that go into creating your favourite bespoke stationery but also the indispensable machines carrying out those operations. As a company that specialises in personalised stationery, bespoke printing is a cornerstone, and our very own Heidelberg Platen GT is at the centre of all those high-quality printing jobs involving tactile and visually striking impressions.


Stepping into the History

Standing tall in our bindery since 1969, this 13" x 18’’ beast is a vintage gem that carries the weight of time and innovation, witnessing the transformation of the print industry. Speaking of its history the Heidelberg Platen, first introduced in 1914, brought mechanisation to print shops, streamlining the process of typesetting, ink distribution, and paper feeding, thereby boosting commercial printing. Its iconic clamshell design allowed for easy access to the printing surface, simplifying maintenance and adjustments.


Creating Magic with Its Versatility: Printing and Beyond

Despite the digital revolution, the value of a Heidelberg has remained steadfast, especially for speciality printing tasks including the arts of letterpress and foil blocking, along with the precision of die-cutting paper—the three processes we employ it for in our bindery. In the process of letterpress printing, our Heidelberg uses raised designs that are inked and pressed onto the paper, creating a tactile and elegant impression. On the other hand for foil blocking, it uses heat and pressure to transfer metallic or coloured foils onto materials, resulting in captivating effects. Besides printing, our versatile Heidelberg also carves intricate shapes through the finesse of die-cutting, creating bespoke designs. All of these techniques adorn the personalised stationery we create, ranging from bespoke wedding invites and business cards to captivating brochures and more.


Cameos on Silver Screen

The exceptional print quality of a Heidelberg has also earned it a spot in the movie "Catch Me if You Can,", where it was highlighted as a symbol of precision. In the movie, based on the real-life story of the conman Frank Abagnale, when Tom Hanks, playing the FBI, interrogates about the almost identical counterfeit checks and asks "Where was it printed?", one of the printers answers- "It was printed on a monster – a Heidelberg…four colour". But that’s not all; it has been featured in an array of different Hollywood movies, including The Goonies, The Odessa File, and Seven Pounds, with Paddington 2 being the latest addition to the list. 


Heidelberg Platen GT is more than machinery; it's a conduit for artistry, innovation, and history. In the world of personalised stationery, our Heidelberg is an indispensable partner in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Nov 21, 2023

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