Personalised Whisky Tasting Notes for McMillans of Malton

Sip, Savour, and Scribble!!

In the world of whisky tasting, every detail matters. That's why McMillans of Malton, a renowned whisky merchant, turned to us to create personalised Whisky Tasting Notebooks for their customers to enhance their whisky tasting experiences. Each personalised tasting notebook elegantly showcases their name and logo, seamlessly aligned with their brand identity and reinforcing their commitment to providing a bespoke whisky experience.


Whisky tasting notes with whisky bottle


They offer these bespoke Whisky Tasting Notebooks to all the customers at “The Library Bar” as well as to the members of their “Malton Whisky Society” who appreciate these notebooks as keepsakes, allowing them to record their whisky tasting adventures and proudly display their knowledge. With a whisky collection boasting over 200 varieties, it can be quite daunting for enthusiasts to remember which whiskies they have tasted. Our Tasting Notebooks make it easy for their customers to keep track of their tasting journey by marking off the whiskies they have tried, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to explore new flavours.

Whisky tasting notes


Moreover, as a renowned whisky destination in the “Food Capital” of Yorkshire, Malton, delivering a memorable experience to their customers is paramount. These bespoke tasting notebooks are proving to be just the perfect solution, adding not only a touch of elegance and functionality to their customer’s whisky journey but also creating a lively and engaging environment.


Here is what James from McMillans of Malton says about it,

“We had an instance at one tasting where a couple, just visiting the area, and hadn’t been to one of our tastings. They purchased a book each and studiously went about taking detailed notes. Regulars to the tasting noticed and jokes were exchanged about how in depth they were going. This created a great atmosphere and I think they enjoyed the evening more because of it."

-James, McMillans of Malton

 Open Whisky tasting notes with whisky bottle and pen

These notebooks feature cover, made from recycled paper which makes them sustainable and inside the finest 100gsm British milled paper, which includes a tasting wheel, provides a perfect writing surface while also allowing enthusiasts to record their tasting experiences in style. 

Explore the full range of our tasting notes books and add your personal touch to create a bespoke tasting experience like no other.

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McMillans of Malton is an independent wine and spirit merchant in Malton, North Yorkshire, the “Food Capital of Yorkshire” owned by a father son duo, Jim & James. They specialise in Whisky and Gin but also stock wine, beer, cider and various other spirits. Find out more about them here.
Aug 14, 2023

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